Unveiling the Mysteries Behind Our Legendary Kimchi

Unveiling the Mysteries Behind Our Legendary Kimchi

Korean culture has become increasingly popular around the world over the past few years and one of its rising stars that has been the center of the spotlight is kimchi. From a first glance at a jar of kimchi, you may not know exactly what contents it holds.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that is typically a ferment of vegetables and flavourings that creates a unique umami flavour that is used versatilely in Korean kitchens. As a side dish, added onto an already cooked meal, or even enjoyed straight from the jar, kimchi doesn’t have just one purpose. The processes of fermentation and salting create flavours of spice, sour, and salty, which make an irresistible combo.

So what is the star element of the jar? The Ferm has an answer for you: the paste. Using a Korean family recipe that has been a tradition in my family for generations, our kimchi shares with you the flavour and stories that have passed through the years.

Our key ingredients and practices that go into this paste all have a distinct and special purpose:

  • Rice porridge: A thick stew or soup that is made by cooking rice in water until it turns into a gelatinous consistency. It adds glucose to regulate the fermentation process that occurs later on.
  • Cheong: A traditional Korean fermented syrup made from different types of fruits, like pears, apples, and plums. Our no-heat process to achieve this syrup after at least 5 months of fermentation. It acts as a kickstarter for our kimchi to ferment (now you see where we got our name from)!
  • Broth: We use shiitake mushrooms and kelp to create a strong broth that boils for about half an hour and enhances the overall umami of the kimchi.

Kimchi recipes have been tweaked and new ones have been created over the years so much that today there is a variety of kimchi with something bound to be enticing for everyone. Kimchi isn’t just a dish, it’s a culture! Each recipe tells a story, about history, family, and a way of life.

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