The Most Fun Way to Combat Waste: Fermentation 101!

The Most Fun Way to Combat Waste: Fermentation 101!

Food waste remains a pressing global issue, with approximately one-third of all food produced for consumption ending up wasted each year. This staggering statistic sheds light on the pervasive problem of food injustice worldwide. So, what's our secret sauce? Well, it's all about fermentation! This amazing process not only gives our kimchi and pickles their mouthwatering flavour but also helps us fight food waste like champs. At The Ferm, our mission is to combat this issue head-on by harnessing the power of fermentation to create delectable vegan kimchi and pickles while simultaneously reducing food waste.

But what exactly is fermentation? While it may sound complex, fermentation is simply a natural process that utilises beneficial bacteria to create and preserve foods. This ancient technique lies at the heart of our company's name and serves as the cornerstone of our sustainable approach to food production.

Beyond infusing our kimchi with its signature spicy flavour, fermentation represents a time-tested solution to the challenge of food waste. Each year, restaurants contribute a significant amount of edible food waste to landfills, perpetuating the linear life cycle of waste. But not on our watch! We're teaming up with local eateries in London to rescue that food and give it a new lease on life. Despite our successes, convincing other establishments to adopt sustainable waste disposal practices remains a challenge, as many prioritise convenience over sustainability.

Nevertheless, The Ferm has made meaningful strides in effecting positive change within London. Yet, as a sprawling metropolis, there is still much work to be done in addressing food waste across the city. We remain steadfast in our belief in the power of collaboration, working alongside restaurants and food suppliers to drive meaningful change.

Our company's mission extends beyond the production of delicious vegan kimchi; we are committed to inspiring a shift in attitudes towards food waste. We want to empower YOU to make a change right in your own kitchen! We want to inspire individuals to take action in reducing food waste in their own homes. Let's embrace the beneficial bacteria of fermentation and come together to make a difference in our communities. We advocate for change and strive to turn food waste into flavour, one jar of kimchi at a time.

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